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Triad Extreme Shelter

Small, portable welder for structural applications

The Triad Extreme Shelter is a small but powerful welding machine for the tent and shelter industry. The machine is portable and designed to move along a tabletop track, or as a stationary welder. The Extreme Shelter creates strong seams for your production every time.

What can the Triad Extreme Shelter make?

All of Miller Weldmaster’s welding machines are able to create strong seams in several applications. The Triad Extreme Shelter is specifically designed to be beneficial for the shelter and tent welding industries.

The machine can weld PVC, PE, and PP among other materials. The Triad Extreme Shelter in particular is useful for smaller production workshops, as the machine is portable and designed to be small and efficient. It is also a quiet machine, a feature your production employees will be grateful for. If your production floor does not have a lot of space to work with, a tabletop configuration of the Triad Extreme Shelter will still give you the results you need at a lower space cost.

Tent Welding with Triad Extreme Shelter

If you do tent welding or construct other shelters with industrial fabric, you know that you need a machine that can produce tight, smooth seams. On the one hand, you need strong seams to create a water-tight structure, and on the other hand, your product likely is assembled and disassembled daily. Creating a strong weld is crucial, and the Triad Extreme Shelter is designed to do just that. This machine has the same wedge welding power as some of the other Miller Weldmaster tent welding machines, but is a smaller, portable option for a production that needs versatility.

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