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T600 Extreme Curve

The worlds most versatile welder for making inflatables

Produce airtight and waterproof seams for 2D and 3D meeting the toughest demands with additional fabric handling support. Ability to handle the toughest production demands for curved applications. The T600 Extreme Curve is packed with everything needed to weld curves and unique shapes for the production of inflatables, tanks, bladders and more.


  1. Easy operation touch screen with recipe storage for quick setting recall.

  2. Equipped with dual arms for increased product versatility

  3. Inboard and outboard fabric puller for easier fabric handling

  4. Quick, repeatable head adjustments for precision welding

  5. Available in hot wedge, hot air or equipped with both for optimal product production

  6. Quick, easy guide change for multiple seam configurations

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