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112 Extreme

112 Extreme

EFFICIENCY you care about. Performance you crave!

The 112 Extreme high performance welder is our fastest and most precise welder for long straight seam. It has a large range of welding capabilities built to fit any company size and application. The 112 Extreme is built to take your production and efficiency to the next level.


  1. Digitally control all welding parameters with our easy operation touch screen

  2. Vacuum track for accurate placement of materials

  3. Laser lights for precise alignment of images

  4. Digitally controlled traversing head for consistent application

  5. Tables to reduce and simplify material handling

  6. Operator side trough for rolled or pre-cut panels

  7. Can be built to various lengths to fit any company size, application or printer specification

  8. Equipped with rotary cutter for cut to length applications

112 Extreme
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